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C4R made by thyssenkrupp Carbon Components is a reinforcement bar that consists of corrosion-resistant high-strength carbon fibers, which are embedded in high-temperature-resistant special epoxy resin.

In an industrial process, the bars are manufactured continuously with an optimized groove-helix design. In addition to the significantly higher tensile strength compared to reinforcing steel, C4R stands out by a significant mass saving of up to 80% compared to its steel equivalent. Moreover, the bond stress achieves top values, which were determined in a concrete pull-out procedure and are significantly higher than comparable fiber-reinforced reinforcement bars.

carbon concrete
Our reinforcement bars are available in different diameters, groove geometries and lengths. They stand out by featuring the following product properties:
Type Diameter
Effective tenacity σF,eff [N/mm²] 1.650
Elongation at break ԑF [%] 1.1
Effective tension e-module Eeff [N/mm²] 151.000
Bond stress
Bond stress
carbon bars for concrete
Type Diameter
straight bar outside core standard lengths mass of bar by meter availability
C4R -8 8 mm 6.5 mm 0.1 – 6.0 m 0.077 kg on request
C4R -10 10 mm 8.5 mm 0.1 – 6.0 m 0.120 kg at call
C4R -12 12 mm 10.5 mm 0.1 – 6.0 m 0.172 kg on request
C4R -14 14 mm 12.5 mm 0.1 – 6.0 m 0.235 kg on request
C4R -16 16 mm 14.5 mm 0.1 – 6.0 m 0.310 kg on request
Carbonbeton concrete
Carbon fibers are used in aviation for state-of-the-art jets. We carry these powerand capacities forward to the building industry.Our reinforcement bars consist of carbon fibers that feature superior strength andcorrosion properties. Thus they facilitate completely new construction techniquesusing carbon concrete.

C4R examples

BAU 2017

The “BAU” trade fair in Munich is the world’s largest platform for architecture, materials and systems.

In 2017, a beam made of carbon concrete was presented at this event. Featuring the same load capacity as reinforced concrete, this beam stands out its significantly more stylish and slim design.

Various large-scale tests were carried out on the beams and confirmed the designed load capacity.

Cage design

Even extensive cage structures can be set up much better due to the smaller handling masses.

C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite

Towards an innovative future: thyssenkrupp Carbon Components’ involvement in research and development of carbon concrete

c3 carbon concrete compositionThe interdisciplinary C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite project is one of ten projects supported by the German ministry for education and research programme „Zwanzig20 – Partnerschaft für Innovation“(“Twenty20 – Partnership for Innovation”) through the initiative „Unternehmen der Region“ (“Regional Companies”). The technical university of Dresden provides the chair, while a consortium of 160 partners from the research, business and associational sector come together to develop a material compound of carbon fibre and high performance concrete. thyssenkrupp Carbon Components has been part of the C³-network from the beginning and is continuously involved in the research and development of carbon concrete.

Through its durable and flexible characteristics Carbon concrete portrays a resource saving alternative to reinforced concrete by saving up to 50% of materials. The lightweight, as well as easy formability provide the basis for a large amount of design possibilities. Carbon Concrete Composite’s flagship project will be the world’s first carbon concrete building under the name CUBE. It combines the extensive amount of results, which have been gathered through intensive research since 2014. Through the usage of carbon concrete for all components, the newly developed construction method shall be validated. The construction is set to take place between March 2nd 2020 and December 31st 2020. Die Ausführung des Bauvorhabens soll in dem Zeitraum vom 02.03.2020 bis 31.12.2020 erfolgen.

Our ultra-light Carbon4ReBAR bars with a mass of 0.12 kg per meter are currently available in lengths of 0.5 m, 1.0 m, 1.5 m and 2.0 m.

Other standard lengths and diameters are available on request. Please use our contact form.

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