Testing it to the core – MCN’s review of the thyssenkrupp carbon wheels

At thyssenkrupp Carbon Components, the belief that the advantages of the unique braided carbon wheels have to be experienced rather than just assumed is firmly established in the company. As a result, a set of the road-legal thyssenkrupp carbon wheels was sent over to the UK at the attention of the team at MCN alongside road tester and club racer Emma Franklin. An experienced rider herself, the MCN deputy editor was going to examine the carbon wheels, mounted onto a Honda CBR1000RR- R, to the core for a couple of months. Additionally, she set herself the challenge to directly compare the original wheels of the Fireblade to the braided carbon accessories during her stints at Donington Park Circuit.

She highlights the design, which results from the braiding technologies, comparing it to a “millimetre-perfect chequerboard effect” and titles them “another kind of carbon loveliness”.

In addition to the looks, she points out the plug-and-play technology, which allows easy handling when swapping the original for the thyssenkrupp carbon wheels. An additional advantage and significant difference to other carbon wheels is the road certification, which allows riding on the road all across the world and for Emma to enjoy her Fireblade outside the circuit as well. In doing so, the reduced inertia plays its strength and

“it wasn’t until I [Emma] left the circuit that the carbon wheels made their presence felt again. Riding round the small roundabout outside Donington’s paddock, such is the dramatic rate at which the Blade turns at low speed that I think I’ve lost the front! The same thing happens when turning out of the next junction, and not only that but the Blade feels much more keen and nimble when darting through traffic, too. A bizarre case of something being created for the track that’s actually better on the road!
Not only that, but thanks to the reassurance of the German National Type Approval, my heart’s not in my mouth every time I hit an unsighted pothole – I know the thyssenkrupp carbon wheels are certified as tough enough to take it.”

Read the full review here: https://www.motorcyclenews.com/mcn-motorycles/honda-fireblade-cbr1000rr-r-sp-long-term-test/

Emma Franklin carbon wheels

MCN deputy editor Emma Franklin on the carbon wheels

 carbon wheels Honda CBR1000RR- R

The braided carbon wheels are available for the Honda CBR1000RR- R and many more models