Racing with the perfect package: thyssenkrupp carbon wheels and Bilstein motorcycle suspension

When the joint activities of chassis specialist thyssenkrupp Bilstein and carbon wheels manufacturer thyssenkrupp Carbon Components were announced in April 2020, a roar went through the industry. However, the collaboration of the two partners exceeds pure sales activities and has proved itself in a shared engagement in Superbike motorsports in 2020. The British CTRacing – Bilstein team was equipped with thyssenkrupp’s unique, braided carbon wheels as well as the high-performance suspension system by thyssenkrupp Bilstein. Those highly innovative components placed the team in an outstanding and exclusive position when competing in the UK endurance races organised by No Limits Racing.

With the 2020 season being cut short for obvious and unavoidable reason, CTRacing was only able to spin their motorcycles equipped with ultralight carbon wheels on three, rather than nine occasions at the endurance championship. After the long wait, the first weekend in August also signified the first roll-out of the CTRacing-Bilstein team at Snetterton. Qualifying saw the CTRacing – Bilstein squad secure the third place for the endurance racing typical Le Mans-Start, while the new package of thyssenkrupp carbon wheels and Bilstein suspension met the high expectation. The hard work and dedication of the team paid off and meant a 12th-place finish overall and a fabulous second place in class.

Oulton Park proved to have its challenges for the CTRacing team, as after a great start from the 21st position a technical problem occurred and required an early pit stop. To finish the three hour race, a 50 minute-stint secured the team position 15 in the overall classification as well as a fourth place in their respective class.

The third and last race of the season at Donington Park saw the team positioning their thyssenkrupp carbon wheel equipped BMW on the 21st place after a rather wet qualifying with a challenging race ahead. Two red flags and a drying circuit characterised the final race of the CTRacing – Bilstein team in 2020, which couldn’t have gone better as the last stint brought the decision for the team to celebrate their first win. Furthermore, the win secured the team the second place in their class in the overall championship – a great testimony for the braided thyssenkrupp carbon wheels and the newly developed Bilstein motorcycle suspension. All parties involved are looking forward to the next season and the races ahead.

Racing Carbon Wheels

Spinning the braided carbon wheels by thyssenkrupp Carbon Components during the No Limits Endurance Championship

Carbon Wheels Bilstein Race

Racing on carbon wheels – the CTRacing Bilstein squad