The carbon family: thyssenkrupp’s carbon wheels portfolio in detail

GSX-R-1000-R, RSV 4 and ZX-10R are the flagship models of the brands Suzuki, Aprilia and Kawasaki respectively. Above all things, those are the motorcycles which can be equipped with the braided carbon wheels manufactured by thyssenkrupp Carbon Components.

For the German carbon wheel manufacturer the ‘Way of Life’, as it is Suzuki’s philosophy, clearly has to be on carbon wheels. At the moment an additional three models to the GSX-R-1000-R, namely the GSX-S 1000, GSX-S 1000 F and the new KATANA, resulting in a total of five Suzuki motorcycles available for braided wheels made of carbon fibre.
Following Aprilia’s slogan to “Be A Racer”, the decision to fit thyssenkrupp’s ultra-light carbon wheels onto the available RSV 4 or Tuono V4 versions should be an easy one to make. The carbon additions in Style 2 can currently be purchased for a total of twenty variations of the two core models.
Last but not least: Kawasaki, the performance-oriented Japanese brand of which the Ninja ZX-10R range as well as the ZX-10R and ZX-10RR can also enjoy the general advantages, as well as the unique design, of thyssenkrupp carbon wheels.

The reduced rotating masses, which result from a reduced weight of front- as well as rear-wheel in comparison to the original wheels, enhance the riding performance on the motorcycle dramatically. An additional advantage is the high vibration damping, while the undercut spoke connection leads to an extremely high damage tolerance. thyssenkrupp Carbon Components’ patented technology, therefore, uses a unique way of manufacturing, while their motorcycle carbon wheels have all passed all the necessary certifications to be road-legal across the globe, a milestone no other motorcycle carbon wheels manufacturer has yet managed to achieve.


Suzuki Carbon Wheels

thyssenkrupp has braided carbon wheels for in total five Suzuki models available

Honda Carbon Wheels

thyssenkrupp carbon wheels for more than twenty variations of the RSV 4 or Tuono V4

Kawasaki Carbon Wheels

Reduced rotating masses for Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX-10R range, ZX-10R and ZX-10RR thanks to thyssenkrupp carbon wheels