TOP100 award celebration for Saxon enterprise thyssenkrupp Carbon Components

Following the awarding with the TOP 100 innovation price, important visitors gathered at the thyssenkrupp Carbon Components (tkCC) headquarter in Kesselsdorf near Dresden on Tuesday, August 18th 2020. Amongst the guests were State Minister of Economy Martin Dulig as well as Prof Dr Werner Hufenbach of the Technical University of Dresden.

thyssenkrupp Carbon Components develops and manufactures lightweight products. The braided carbon wheels revolutionised the carbon as well as the automotive industry. The method of manufacturing is patented and was developed by CEO Dr Jens Werner during his time at the Technical University in Dresden. Thanks to the usage of the unique braiding technology, the innovative enterprise can process larger amounts of carbon fibre. Premium manufacturers such as Porsche and BMW include the carbon wheels in their flagship models, while further products serve the bicycle market, focusing on the e-bike sector. Another sustainable innovation is the carbon reinforcement bar for concrete structures, which is implemented in a first pilot project in Saxony.

“From a university start-up to a worldwide successful automotive supplier – this an impressive achievement. tkCC has set milestones in lightweight manufacturing” highlights the State Minister of Economy Martin Dulig during the company visit and continues: “The high-tech lightweight industry has great potential for added value, employment and climate protection, while additionally, it reinforces the technological and industrial focus in Saxony. tkCC is following the tradition of material development in the Free State of Saxony and sets an example for innovative power in the high-tech industry. The constellation of a joint-venture of the lightweight centre Saxony and the thyssenkrupp group portrays the strength when combining research and economical know-how. The implementation of carbon in vehicle manufacturing results in reduced weight and, hence, increased efficiency. Additional advantages are of importance for the construction sector: reinforcement bars made of carbon do not corrode and as a result, do not have to be replaced. With focusing on non-metallic lightweight material the team at tkCC has achieved a springboard innovation for research, development and economy. I wish the employees continuous success.”

Since 1993, compamedia issues the TOP 100 seal for outstanding innovative strength as well as respective innovation successes. The German company impressed in a scientific selection procedure with approximately 120 criteria in category B, which includes companies with 51 to 200 employees. thyssenkrupp Carbon Components scored above average value in almost all criteria and, therefore, secured the second position.

CEO Dr Jens Werner: “Innovations are our core business and the motorcycle carbon wheels are the first and only ones on the market with worldwide road approval. Also, the further products in our portfolio are highly innovative, while new ideas are always welcome at thyssenkrupp Carbon Components. We are excited about the strong response from politicians and economists in Saxony and Germany. With new and highly interesting projects ahead, we are looking optimistically towards the future.”

State Minister Mr Dulig TKCC

State Minister of Economy Mr Dulig and Prof Dr Hufenbach
of the University Dresden congratulate CEO Dr Werner for receiving the TOP 100 award

radial braiding machine

State Minister of Economy Dulig, CEO Dr Werner
and Prof Dr Hufenbach in front of the world’ largest radial braiding machine