Riding Experience Carbon from July to September

The uniqueness of riding with carbon wheels needs to be experienced on your motorcycle and thyssenkrupp Carbon Components provides the possibilities in cooperation with Bike Promotion / Maxx Moto and 1000PS / Zweiradprofi Pauer. Riders will be given the opportunity to have the braided carbon wheels mounted onto their motorcycles during at least five events. This way, they will be able to experience the advantages of the carbon wheels first hand and right on the spot.
A speciality: the carbon wheels will continue to be property of thyssenkrupp Carbon Components GmbH throughout the test ride. As a result, the participants do not have to worry about the liability of the wheels in case of damage, e.g. through a crash.

During the BMW S 1000 RR Cup weekends, run by Bike Promotion / Maxx, inscribed riders will have the opportunity to ride the carbon wheels free of charge. But also guest riders won’t have to miss out on the unique feeling of riding with carbon wheels and have the opportunity to have the wheels mounted for a charge of only 25 Euro. The registration process is facilitated by the team of Bike Promotion / Maxx Moto, which can be contacted prior or on the day of the event. Additionally, the carbon wheels can also be purchased right on the spot after testing.

17-19 July
– Bike Promotion I Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, DE
14-16 August
– Bike Promotion I Schleizer Dreieck, DE
04-06 September
– Bike Promotion I Autodrom Most, CZ
25-27 September
– Bike Promotion I Automotodrom Brno, CZ

Rider will also have the chance to carbon wheels on Austrian tarmac and on the most spectacular one, the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, nevertheless. During the 1000PS trackday, the team of Zweiradprofi Pauer will facilitate the carbon wheels mounting onto your motorcycle for a fee of 50 Euro. The registration in order to speed around the ten turns of the Red Bull Ring with significantly reduced rotating masses can be done prior or during the event with Zweiradprofi Pauer.

29-30 July
– 1000PS Trackday with Zweiradprofi Pauer I RB Ring Spielberg, AT

Testride tkCC

The braided carbon wheels can be tested during selected events

Modelrange Carbon Wheels

The carbon wheels can be mounted on more than 23 models