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Made in Germany:

Braided carbon wheels

Ultra lightweight carbon wheels

thyssenkrupp has developed braided carbon wheels for high performance motorcycles. Carbon fiber technology was first used by OEM BMW for the HP4 Race motorcycle. From now on braided carbon wheels are available for various motorbike models directly for the end customer through our webshop. thyssenkrupp carbon wheels are available via a German General Operating Licence (ABE) with German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) number. Therefore the wheels can be directly mounted on your motorbike.



World Champion Tom Luethi enthusiastic about braided carbon wheels

The BMW S1000RR testbike of Tom Luethi is now equipped with our Style 2 carbon wheels. From the beginning he experienced huge advantage in braking and handling. Please check also the related post.


tk hits the headlines with street legal carbon wheels for motorcycles

thyssenkrupp grabs the headlines with street-legal braided carbon wheels for motorcycles in the current issue of a leading German motorbike magazine.

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braided carbon wheels Style 1

The weight of the full carbon wheels is only 1.9 kg (Front 3.5" x 17") and 2.9 kg (Rear 6.0" x 17")

street legal braided carbon wheels

thyssenkrupp carbon wheels are available via a German General Operating Licence (ABE) with German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) number. Therefore the wheels can be directly mounted on your motorbike.

carbonwheels for different models

From now on, the thyssenkrupp carbon wheels are available for numerous motorbike models.

Braided wheels made in Germany

Made in Germany. The wheels are completely developed and manufactured by thyssenkrupp Carbon Components in Germany.

The worlds biggest carbon fiber braiding machine

The thyssenkrupp carbon wheels are produced using a unique braiding technology on the largest radial braiding machine in the world.

Carbon wheel Kawasaki Ninja

Performanceboost for every supersport bike.

Carbonwheels available in webshop

The wheels can be ordered in our webshop for numerous motorbike models.

Easier handling and improved performance caused by carbon wheels

Significantly reduced steering and brake forces due to less rotating mass.

Carbonwheels for HP4Race

thyssenkrupp Carbon Components also supplies the carbonwheels for the BMW HP4Race.

Carbonwheels for motorbikes

The braiding technology is now available for the road legal wheels for the aftermarket.

thyssenkrupp carbonwheels - reduced rotating mass

Performance tuning in the most efficient way - reduced rotating mass.

thyssenkrupp carbonwheels perfection in detail

Flawless optics and highest level for carbon production performed by thyssenkrupp.

Choose your carbon wheel model

Our braided carbon wheels are currently available in two styles. Find out which style fits your motorbike.

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BMW HP4 Race motorcycle in action with carbon wheels

One of the key features of the outstanding HP4 Race motorcycle are the ultra-lightweight carbon wheels. The reduced rotating masses lead to increased acceleration / deceleration and improved handling. Feel the immediate increase in driving pleasure and performance on your motorbike.

Braided carbon wheels. Here on the HP4 Race motorcycle by BMW

Braided carbon wheels for motorcycles

The braided carbon wheels are among the key features of the BMW HP4 RACE, the most exclusive BMW motorbike ever built.

Carbon fibre wheels in action on the HP4 RACE motorcycle by BMW

Weight reduction with carbon fibre wheels

With weight reduction of 30% compared to state of the art light alloy forged wheels for motorcyles, the braided carbon wheels contribute to the lighweight approach of the motorbike.

Chassis and carbon wheels of the BMW HP4 Race motorcycle

Less rotating mass

Besides reducing the total mass of the HP4 RACE motorbike, the braided carbon wheels lead to a reduction of rotating and unsprung masses of the chassis.

Quicker acceleration for your motorbike with carbon fibre wheels

Improved acceleration

40% less gyroscopic force compared to light alloy forged wheels dramatically improves acceleration/deceleration and handling of the motorcycle.


Braided carbon wheels for motorcycles

thyssenkrupp Carbon Components is the only carbon wheel manufacturer that uses the complex braiding technology. The rims are produced on the world’s largest carbon fibre braiding machine with a diameter of nine meters. The braiding technology offers substantial benefits compared to conventional carbon production. The seamless braid makes better use of the valuable carbon fiber which increases the material strength and the damage tolerance of the wheels. Thus it is possible to produce the lightest wheels for motorcycles to date.

The world’s largest carbon braider for motorcycle wheels

The making of carbon wheels

The world’s largest carbon braider for wheels in action.

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Fibre coils are use to form the carbon wheels for motorcycles

The making of carbon wheels

300 fibre coils are used to form the carbon structure of the wheels.

Carbon wheels are being manufactured

The making of carbon wheels

5000 metres of carbon fibres are needed for each wheel.

An automated process is used to produce carbon wheels for motorbikes

The making of carbon wheels

The carbon wheels for motorcycles are build in a fully automated production process.